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Laser sweeper

Laser Sweeper

General concept

An instrument that projects a visible laser beam according to which the height can be leveled. Another concept is to make the visible laser point (generally red light and green light) sweep the light of the same Leveling Height under the drive of the fast rotating axis, which is a kind of instrument for engineers to locate the leveling height.

How folding works

For the planimeter which projects the visible beam, it is to use the visible beam to fix the height (the light propagates in a straight line).

For the instrument of light spot scanning line, it uses the principle that when the visible laser spot is moving rapidly, because the human vision is temporary, people see that the movement of light spot is a line. When the instrument is leveled, the photoelectrically swept lines are at the same height.

Folding type

At present, according to the working principle and whether to add a compensation mechanism or not, the laser scanners commonly used in China can be roughly divided into three categories: bubble laser scanners, automatic leveling laser scanners and electronic automatic leveling laser scanners.

Folding auto leveling laser scanner

The sjz1 Automatic Leveling Instrument developed by Beijing optical instrument factory uses the hanging wire optomechanical compensator to achieve the purpose of automatic leveling within the scope. No matter how the instrument tilts, the laser plane scanned will always be kept in the horizontal plane within the compensation scope. This instrument is suitable for the construction site with large vibration.

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The opto mechanical compensator has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and anti vibration. However, its compensation accuracy decreases with the increase of compensation range, and the general compensation range is limited to more than ten minutes. The modern development of electronic automatic leveling principle can expand the range to about, and has high stability and compensation accuracy.

Electronic automatic leveling system is generally composed of sensors, electronic circuits and actuators. The bubble sensor is made up of glass bubble filled with conductive liquid, which is similar to ordinary bubble level. The glass tube is coated with metal cover, and two symmetrical electrodes are formed. There are two resistances between the two electrodes. When the bubble is in the middle, the resistance is equal. When the bubble is inclined, the bubble moves, which destroys the balance state of the two resistances. As a result, the bridge composed of the sensor circuit loses balance and generates the corresponding voltage output. The output signal is electronically processed and amplified to drive the actuator, which makes the servo motor produce the corresponding forward or reverse rotation In addition to resistance, the sensor also uses capacitive or inductive sensing elements.

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